Probate & Trust Administration

We advise and aid fiduciaries, administrators, personal representatives, executors and trustees in fulfillment of their duties.

Which process may involve:

  • All aspects of the probate process, including multi-state probate filings;
  • Communication with beneficiaries, heirs, debtors, creditors and financial institutions;
  • Preparation of the federal (IRS Form 706) and state estate tax returns;
  • Preparation of the federal (IRS Form 709) gift tax returns;
  • Oversight with regard to trust funding and annual gifting to minimize and/or eliminate probate and estate taxes;
  • Preparation of annual trust accounts, summary trust accounts and final accounts to trust beneficiaries and all aspects of coordinating the ultimate distribution and termination of trusts and estates;
  • All aspects of pre and post mortem planning, including the implementation of innovative methods to minimize cost and maximize benefits for our clients;
  • When asked, we often serve as executor and/or trustee for our clients in order to provide efficient and timely administration of an estate and/or trust.