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Medicaid Planning

The federal Medicaid program is the single largest payer of long term skilled care (nursing home) bills in the U.S. There are many misconceptions about “protecting my money from the nursing home.” Planning for and applying for Medicaid is a very complicated process that needs to be thoughtfully addressed. We invite you to sit down with us and discuss all the options available.

Asset protection for seniors is becoming more critical as people are living longer, suffering from more debilitating diseases, and are requiring more long term care than ever before. Family members who used to be the caregivers now live in different cities, are often dealing with their own children and are usually part of dual income families who can’t drop everything to care for an aging or ill loved one.

“Medicaid planning” involves repositioning assets in an effort to preserve family resources, especially for a spouse who will remain in the community. Such planning promotes the independence and quality of life for the Medicaid beneficiary. Some options available to you may allow you to become Medicaid eligible right away, and protect thousands of dollars from nursing home expenses.